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Tri Counties Bank: Illuminating Paths to Homeownership and Economic Empowerment

Updated: Jan 17

In a leading stride towards community empowerment, Tri-Counties Bank proudly steps forward as a sponsor of the CLTRE Keeper Program.

In a leading stride towards community empowerment, Tri Counties Bank proudly steps forward as a sponsor of the CLTRE Keeper Program. Our eight-week First-Time Homebuyer Initiative, designed for residents in our culturally rich neighborhoods, is a beacon of knowledge, resources, and support, strategically crafted to guide individuals through the intricate journey of homeownership and foster successful homeowners.

Addressing Systemic Barriers for Homeownership: A Historical Perspective

Historically, structural racism has cast a long shadow on the path to homeownership, with practices like redlining leaving a lasting impact. Redlining, a discriminatory housing loan appraisal system employed by the federal government for decades, resulted in widespread loan denials for people from predominantly Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, and immigrant neighborhoods. This systemic discrimination made it significantly more challenging for communities of color to access loans, hindering their ability to buy homes and build wealth – vital elements in the pursuit of a better future.

The legacy of structural racism echoes through generations, contributing to an extreme racial wealth gap. The net wealth of a typical Black or Latino household in the U.S. is less than one-tenth that of a typical white household. This deep-rooted disparity is a testament to the enduring impact of historical injustices on present-day opportunities.

Tri Counties Bank's Investment Signals A Catalyst for Change

Tri Counties Bank's sponsorship of the CLTRE Keeper Program is not just financial support; it symbolizes a commitment to dismantling barriers that have hindered People of Color from accessing homeownership and building wealth. This collaboration actively engages in reshaping systemic inequalities ingrained in our nation's history.

In a leading stride towards community empowerment, Tri-Counties Bank proudly steps forward as a sponsor of the CLTRE Keeper Program.

The CLTRE Keeper Program becomes a vital instrument in this transformative journey, addressing not only the complexities of homeownership but also fostering economic opportunities.

The CLTRE Keeper Program: Illuminating Paths Forward

By demystifying government-backed home buying programs, down payment assistance programs, and forging partnerships with local real estate agents, financial advisors, and nonprofit organizations, the program stands as a guide for success.

Breaking Down Barriers, Building Bridges: CLTRE's Commitment to Equity

In acknowledging the historical disparities, CLTRE Keeper is a testament to our commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering equitable opportunities. Beyond addressing the challenges of the past, this program strives to create an environment where everyone, irrespective of their racial or ethnic background, has an equal chance to thrive.

Tri Counties Bank and CLTRE: Together, we illuminate paths to homeownership and economic empowerment, rewriting the narrative of inequality and creating a community where dreams of homeownership and wealth building are within reach for all. Join us in this transformative journey as we collectively pave the way for a future of shared prosperity and equal opportunity.

To learn more about the CLTRE: Keeper Program visit:

Tri Counties Bank is an equal housing lender and a Member FDIC. NMLS #458732

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