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Join the Grand Opening Celebration of CLTRE Club

Updated: May 31, 2023

Image from the soft launch of CLTRE Club. Photo by Doug Cupid Photography

CLTRE, the newly formed community development corporation dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, is set to launch its newest initiative, CLTRE Club. This innovative retail training cohort offers a range of benefits to budding entrepreneurs, including affordable retail space, incubation support, and comprehensive training. The grand opening of CLTRE Club promises to be an exciting event that showcases the vibrancy and potential of this unique endeavor.

One of the key features of CLTRE Club is its provision of affordable retail space. Recognizing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in securing brick-and-mortar locations, CLTRE Club offers an accessible platform for showcasing their brands. By removing the financial barrier associated with retail space, CLTRE Club opens doors for aspiring business owners to present their products and services to the community.

In addition to affordable retail space, CLTRE Club provides incubation support for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Through mentorship and coaching programs, participants can benefit from the guidance and expertise of industry professionals. This nurturing environment encourages the growth and development of businesses, fostering a community of support and collaboration.

Image from the soft launch of CLTRE Club. Photo by Doug Cupid Photography

Comprehensive training and educational resources are also integral to CLTRE Club's mission. Recognizing the ever-changing dynamics of the retail industry, the club offers entrepreneurs access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Through workshops, seminars, and online resources, members can enhance their skills in various aspects of retail management, marketing, and customer engagement.

Collaboration and networking opportunities form another crucial aspect of CLTRE Club. By bringing together a diverse group of vendors, the club cultivates an environment that encourages collaboration and cross-promotion. The exceptional vendors associated with CLTRE Club include Pony, offering vintage fashion and accessories, Love School with a focus on personal growth and healing, Pila Kava featuring health and wellness beverages, The Savage Hand specializing in handmade fiber arts, LINGERS Candles providing all-natural, mindfully crafted candles, and Black Coffee Roastery, an artisanal coffee roaster with a passion for quality.

Image from the soft launch of CLTRE Club. Photo by Doug Cupid Photography

As part of its commitment to community engagement, CLTRE Club also programs the outdoor space for various events and activities. By creating a lively atmosphere, the club aims to foster connections between entrepreneurs and the wider community, stimulating local economic growth and development.

Image from the soft launch of CLTRE Club. Photo by Doug Cupid Photography

The grand opening of CLTRE Club is set to take place on June 10th from 6pm-9pm. 1409 16th Street (on the corner of 16th and N Street). This much-anticipated event promises to be a celebration of entrepreneurship and community spirit. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the club, connect with local entrepreneurs, and discover the remarkable products and services offered by the vendors. Live music and food trucks will further enhance the festive ambiance, making it an evening not to be missed.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking support or a community member looking to explore local offerings, CLTRE Club is poised to become a hub of inspiration, collaboration, and entrepreneurial success.

CLTRE Club is a partnership with CADA. For more information visit:

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