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CLTRE Club Learning Session #2 - Building Your Brick and Mortar Retail Business

Building off of session #1, We were thrilled to host another enlightening learning session, featuring Jill Jacobs, the driving force behind Jill Jacobs & Company Inc. In this hour-long session about building your brick and mortar retail business, Jill took us on an insightful journey through her experiences and provided a treasure trove of practical advice for anyone embarking on their own brick and mortar venture.

Jill's wealth of knowledge, gained through her tenure in the accounting landscape, was on full display during this engaging session. As she shared her personal story and recounted her journey, attendees were able to glean wisdom from her experiences in a way that only a seasoned entrepreneur like Jill could deliver.

Throughout the session, Jill dove into several key takeaways that left participants equipped with actionable insights. From determining the optimal inventory levels to maintain, to deciphering the metrics that truly measure financial success in a brick and mortar setting, she provided a comprehensive guide to navigating the financial intricacies of running a successful store.

Moreover, Jill shed light on the often overlooked yet crucial aspects of startup accounting and taxes. Her insights on hiring professionals to manage these critical areas addressed a common concern for entrepreneurs venturing into the world of small business.

Jill's wisdom extended to operational considerations as well. She shared strategies for determining optimal hours of operation based on relevant metrics, ensuring that each moment the doors are open maximizes the potential for success. Her emphasis on the significance of location in the retail equation underscored the profound impact that this factor can have on the entire business model.

This learning session truly encapsulated the essence of seasoned advice meeting eager learners. With her extensive experience, Jill illuminated the path to success in the brick and mortar realm. Whether you're in the early stages of planning or already navigating the world of retail, the insights shared by Jill are bound to shape your journey in a meaningful way.

Make sure not to miss this enlightening session – an hour well spent absorbing the insights and wisdom. Your entrepreneurial journey will undoubtedly benefit from the practical knowledge she imparted.

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