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CLTRE Club Gears Up for a New Chapter: Launching Two Cohorts of Economic Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 25

CLTRE Club Gears Up for a New Chapter: Launching Two Cohorts of Economic Opportunity For EntrepreneursCLTRE Club Gears Up for a New Chapter: Launching Two Cohorts of Economic Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Excitement is in the air as we proudly announces the acquisition of funding and support to launch two new cohorts of entrepreneurs at CLTRE Club, marking the beginning of another transformative chapter in our community development journey. The program is set to kick off in February, with a soft opening on February 3rd and a grand opening on Second Saturday, February 10th.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: CLTRE's Vision

At CLTRE, our vision is to empower and uplift entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, fostering a community-centered approach to economic development. The launch of two cohorts this fiscal year demonstrates our commitment to supporting a minimum of 18 businesses, providing a platform for individuals to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Structured for Success: Cohort Details

Cohorts will run for a duration of 90 days, with each cohort carefully designed to accommodate a minimum of nine businesses. Our streamlined approach allows for efficient administration of education, technical assistance, mentorship, and community engagement, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful experience for all participants.

Carefully Curated Participants: A Commitment to Entrepreneurial Excellence

The selection process for entrepreneurs to join each cohort involves a rigorous application and evaluation process. By choosing individuals who exhibit significant potential and a genuine commitment to entrepreneurship, CLTRE Club ensures the program's success while providing a supportive environment for the selected entrepreneurs to flourish.

Comprehensive Resources for Success: CLTRE Club Program Components

CLTRE remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of resources to participants, including space grants for low-cost retail spaces, technical assistance, mentorship, partnerships, and active community engagement. These resources serve as essential tools, equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge and support needed to thrive in their ventures.

Revamped Store Structure: Elevating Local Artists and Makers

In addition to the cohort launch, CLTRE will revamp the store structure, transforming it into a staffed retail store with regular business hours. This strategic change aims to enhance product availability and store reliability while showcasing and uplifting local artists and makers in materials and events.

Expected Outcomes: Building a Stronger Community

With the launch of two cohorts, CLTRE Club aims to support a minimum of 18 businesses in the current fiscal year. This initiative contributes to economic development by providing an on-ramp to the local entrepreneur ecosystem, creating pathways for wealth creation.

Capital deployment through direct sales with an 85/15 split will contribute to the economic growth of entrepreneurs, fostering wealth-building opportunities. Additionally, the program will create a vibrant and safe space for community members to convene, connect, and engage, strengthening the sense of community and creating lasting impacts beyond the business realm.

Join us on this exciting journey as CLTRE Club paves the way for a community where entrepreneurship thrives, economic development flourishes, and a sense of belonging is fostered.

Apply to be a part of CLTRE Club by filling out the APPLICATION.

*CLTRE Club is made possible by funding and space grants from CADA. To learn more about CADA, visit:

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