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CLTRE Club Cohort Summary – Overview, Expectations, Benefits

Location: 1409 16TH STREET, Sacramento, CA 95814

Project Overview: This project is aimed at supporting local entrepreneurship by providing an affordable and supportive retail space for entrepreneurs to showcase their brand and grow their business. The space will be used as an incubation space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas, gain mentorship, and access a training facility where they can learn the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a brick-and-mortar business.

The CLTRE Club is also based on the premise of CLTRE being the unique character and connections of community, supporting each other in an inclusive environment focused on building each other up and keeping our local makers and enterprising individuals local. The CLTRE Club will welcome artists, entrepreneurs and local resident and visitor patrons who want to connect over good food, unique products, passion projects and social collaboration.

CLTRE can be defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. Culture has been called "the way of life for an entire society."

Club means an association of people united by a common interest or goal; in this case: culture. These words together reflect the community coming together with the goal of preserving the ways of life in our city, both past and present generations.

Project Objectives: The project's primary objective is to build the capacity of local entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed. CLTRE Club will offer a range of training and mentorship programs focused on business development, marketing, financial management, and other key areas of expertise that are critical for running a successful enterprise. The retail space will also serve as a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their brand and connect with potential customers. The space will provide opportunity for community to come together and support local businesses; sharing ideas, creativity, perspectives and experiences.

Expectations: Here’s the overview of requirements and costs to participate in this venture:


  • Attend all CLTRE CLUB cohort logistical and collaboration meetings to check in with your fellow vendors on store and space coordination.

  • Participate regular check-ins and mentor/advisor sessions to create your Business Development Plan and check in on progress and needs for additional supports/training. In addition to attending orientation and training sessions, you will also be expected to participate in regular check-ins and mentor/advisor 1:1 sessions. These sessions are designed to provide you with ongoing support and guidance, as well as opportunities to receive feedback and advice on your business strategies and operations.

  • Attend all orientation and training sessions as identified in your Business Development Plan to grow and develop your business and related skills.

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with other entrepreneurs in the cohort: One of the key benefits of participating in CLTRE Club is the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other entrepreneurs in the cohort. To maximize this opportunity, it is essential that you collaborate and communicate effectively with others in CLTRE Club, and be open to learning from their experiences and expertise.

  • Be open to problem-solving, providing feedback and being willing to learn and grow: As a participant in CLTRE Club, it is important that you are open to feedback and are willing to learn and grow, while also providing productive program reviews. This includes being receptive to constructive criticism, as well as being proactive in seeking out opportunities for learning and growth, and making the program better for your cohort and future participants.

  • Come with a team mindset, show up on time and follow through on commitments: It is essential that you show up on time and follow through on your commitments to CLTRE Club and to other entrepreneurs in the cohort. This includes being punctual for all meetings and events, contributing to upkeep of the space, as well as following through on any agreements or commitments you make with other entrepreneurs or program staff.

  • Promotion and Marketing: As part of CLTRE Club, participants will be expected to promote and market their businesses both individually and collectively. This includes sharing CLTRE Club on their social media platforms, participating in program events, and actively seeking out opportunities to promote their businesses. Participants will also work together on joint marketing efforts, including creating promotional materials and coordinating events to attract customers to the shared space.

  • Minimum On-site Presence: As part of CLTRE Club, participants will be expected to be on-site a minimum of four days per week, vending their merchandise. The space will be open a minimum of Wednesday to Sunday and your days, at minimum, should correlate with this schedule, utilizing 8-hour windows. You may utilize additional time and assistance from individuals for your vending as long as they agree with CLTRE Club principles and requirements.

  • Housekeeping: In an effort to minimize costs, there will be shared chores that the cohort will assign and complete collaboratively and equitably as part of your commitment to the space. These may include things like sweeping the space, cleaning smudges on the door, light bathroom cleaning, paper product restocking, or other identified tasks. The cohort will collectively assign chores.

Cost for Participation:

  • 5% Fee to CLTRE: As a participant in the CLTRE Club, a 5% fee will be charged on your total monthly sales to help cover program costs and support the sustainability of the CLTRE reimagined storefront program. CLTRE is a registered 501(c)3, so this can be considered a tax-deductible donation.

  • Shared portion of gas and electric bill (TBD)

  • Shared portion of weekly trash service (estimate- $206.24/8 vendors= $25.78)

  • Shared portion of monthly deep cleaning (estimate- $250/8 vendors= $31.25)

  • Shared portion of wifi service (TBD)

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