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Celebrating Homeownership: CLTRE Keeper Graduation Recap

Embarking on the journey of homeownership is a monumental achievement, and on December 15th, 2023, CLTRE proudly celebrated the graduation of 25 members from our CLTRE Keeper Program. Held at the Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex, this event marked the culmination of an eight-week first-time homebuyer program, a partnership with the City of Sacramento, and vital funding from the Stockton Blvd Housing Stabilization Initiative.

A Night of Celebration and Recognition:

The atmosphere at the Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex was filled with joy, achievement, and a sense of community as CLTRE Keeper cohort members, distinguished guests, and sponsors gathered for a memorable evening.

Speakers and Special Guests:

The event was graced by influential speakers who shared their insights and support for the graduates. Among them were long time supporter of CLTRE - Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, former District 5 City Councilmember Jay Schenirer, CLTRE Keeper Program Manager Ashley Garner, and CLTRE Founder and Executive Director Roshaun Davis. Their words of encouragement and wisdom resonated with the graduates, setting the tone for a night of celebration.

Certificates and Special Recognitions:

Cohort members received well-deserved graduation certificates from CLTRE, acknowledging their dedication and successful completion of the program. A special recognition certificate from the city of Sacramento and the newly appointed Vice Mayor Caity Maple added an extra layer of honor to their achievements.

Private Mixer and Real-Time Impact:

The evening began with a private mixer, fostering genuine connections between program participants and CLTRE's preferred lending partners. This intentional space allowed individuals to apply the knowledge gained in the program in real-time, creating meaningful interactions and reinforcing the practical skills acquired.

Entertainment and Culinary Delights:

DJ Rockbottom, a current CLTRE Go-to-Market program participant, set the mood with uplifting vibes throughout the night. The culinary experience was curated by Caribe Azul Cuisine, another CLTRE Go-to-Market program participant, showcasing the vibrant diversity within the CLTRE community.

Sponsors and Appreciation:

CLTRE extends heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors of the CLTRE Keeper Program: US Bank, Tri Counties Bank, All City Homes, Bridge Housing, Bank of Montreal, The City of Sacramento, and the Financial Empowerment Center. Their support has been instrumental in making homeownership dreams a reality for these graduates.

Impactful Collaboration:

The CLTRE Keeper Graduation highlighted the intentional collaboration within CLTRE, bringing together different facets of the organization to create real-time impact. The success of this program is a testament to the commitment of CLTRE in empowering individuals and building a stronger, more inclusive community.

As we celebrate the achievements of these new homeowners, CLTRE looks forward to continuing its mission of shifting the cultural landscape in Sacramento by the year 2040.

Congratulations to the first CLTRE Keeper Graduates – may your new homes be filled with joy, prosperity, and countless beautiful memories.

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